Friday, May 8, 2009

SoHo 1970

#1: "A congested street in Soho where more than a thousand artists live and work in huge lofts."
#2: "Sculptor Duane Hanson (rear blond male) standing w. life-size fiberglass models of winos, cops, soldiers and demonstrators in front of SoHo art gallery."

#1: "Linda and Tom Blackwell sitting on sofa in their live-in loft in SoHo."
#2: "Painter Nobu Fukui playing ping pong during party in his live-in work loft in SoHo."
#3: No caption.
#4: "Sculptor Bill Tarr and wife Yvonne sitting on platform in his Soho studio (that they will convert into a live-in loft) w. his welded steel and bronze sculptures on floor below."
#5: "Painter Jack Beal and his wife, sculptor Sondra, sitting at table in their Soho loft w. his artwork hanging on walls."
#6: "Multimedia artist Bob Wiegand exercising on trapeze in his loft w. his artwork in the background." (photo is upside down.)

All photos by John Dominis.


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Anonymous said...

You mean "Souston" not "SoHo", right?