Friday, May 8, 2009

Hey. Went to Soho yesterday to see some art, then made some harissa spaghetti with kale for dinner. Art was good, dinner was great.

Unica Zurn at Drawing Center - pretty, spooky automatic drawings from Hans Bellmer's partner. Do I even have to tell you that there are bondage photos? Of course there are. Anybody have a copy of Dark Spring I can borrow?
Ruben Ochoa at Peter Blum - Never heard of this guy but it was great. As I was looking at it I was thinking about Los Angeles. Turns out he's from there.
Walter De Maria Earth Room - After all that dirt I figured I should pay this a visit. The best part is the way it smells when you're walking up the steps.
David Shaw at Feature - great! Should I be ashamed to admit that I went because of a Facebook post from Jesse B?

Matt: I am on a bulk foods hunt for sure. Went to some Indian place in midtown the other day but it wasn't that great.
Carl: There is definitely a cheap food gross-out factor that I am trying to avoid. I don't think Kelly would eat anything scooped out of a 5 gallon bucket.
Sour Milk: Inversion glasses kit available here. Not as cool as the old ones of course. I'll check ebay.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. $27 bucks for what looks like scuba goggles, some sheets of seaweed and some prisms?

I'm in. I'm buying these asap. Can't wait to see Kelly try to draw stuff wearing those babies!