Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hey. Today is FEAST. Are you as excited as I am? I'll let you know how it goes.
Yesterday I didn't do too much except make a couple drawings. Then I met up with KellyR at Central Park and we took one of those rowboats for a spin. Went to the Whitney at 6 for "pay what you wish" night. I wish to pay one dollar for two tickets, please. Saw the big Jenny Holzer and it's a real mind melter. Pretty intense with the epilepsy lights and the pile of human bones. Love those redacted paintings, or at least the idea of them. Walked around upstairs there and saw a few paintings and photos, then saw Matt C on the way out.

Sour Milk: Yes, I meant "Souseton". Re: inversion goggles, I'll see if Kelly is up for Painting Party Part 2.

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Matt Cassity said...

Took your advice and saw Holzer 2nd. The Oldenberg exhibit was good. Seemed to me both of those galleries were 1/2 the size they normally are.