Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Richard Brautigan - 1970

Richard Brautigan
- San Francisco 1970
photos by Vernon Merritt

I read Trout Fishing In America recently and it was great.
Then I read In Watermelon Sugar and it was also great.
If you have any recommendations for other books let me know.


merzington said...


i really like the pictures you posted.

if you're looking for other brautigan, you can't go wrong with anything. some of my favorites are:

an unfortunate woman
the abortion
so the wind won't blow it all away
a confederate general from big sur

keith abbot's downstream from trout fishing in america is a really great memoir.

i taught trout fishing this quarter in an introductory creative writing class alongside:

the street of crocodiles
magic for beginners
a handmade museum
the man suit

and a few general recommendations:

fugue state
no one belongs here more than you
rose mellie rose

bs said...

hey merzington!
thanks for the tips...I will make some additions to my reading list.
glad you like the pictures, I want to round up the photos from his old book covers too.