Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hey - Went to the High Line yesterday. It's pretty great. My favorite aspect is the amphitheater that looks out onto oncoming traffic. It's still under construction but I imagine there will be some J.G. Ballard style freakiness happening up there. Do you think the architects mention Crash when they talk about that space?
Hung out with the crew last night. Went dancing at Tandem. DJ Drum Circle and DJ Teen Hugs played some great jams, e.g. "Everybody" by Madonna and "Jupiter's Critic & the Mind of Mars" by DJ Quik and Kurupt. A good time was had by all.
Picked up our farm share this morning. Looking good. Excited to start cooking.

circle&square: I know we already talked about this but...yeah that house is super weird and out of place. I didn't know about the seasonal teddy bear in the window. Can't imagine being around when it happened. Crazy. Haven't seen the Weatherman documentary but it's on my list now.

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