Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hello - Lots of stuff for pay fundraiser was Monday night. Good turn out and it went well. Thanks to everyone who came! If you missed out, don't worry, we'll be at the next FEAST. Went to the Met yesterday with Stephanie and Juliet. Medieval drawings are amazing. Pictures Generation show was good but I need to go back and spend some more time. Francis Bacon was...not my cup of tea, let's say. Very "dark" in a TeenAngst-DeathPoetry kind of way. Went up on the roof and had no reaction to the Roxy Paine piece. None at all, except thinking, "You probably shouldn't let your kid climb on that expensive sculpture.

Bree: Thanks! Nice to hear from you, how are you?

Anonymous: Yes, those stills are creepy but the actual Wegman videos are really funny and great. Totally worth a viewing.

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