Thursday, June 11, 2009

Awakening of the Gods

1-7: "Nemrud Dag-Mountain In Southeast Turkey"
8: "Soft eroded rocks in Valley of Goreme where Byzantine monks carved cells and over 300 churches."
9: "Turkish man playing a type of mandolin called a sis." Usicar, Turkey.
10: "Turkish men having lunch in restaurant of Nevsehir named Lokanda." Kayseri, Turkey.

All photos by Bill Ray, 1970.

More about Nemrud Dag here.
More about Goreme/Cappadocia here.

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Diego Cagüeñas Rozo said...

You should do a post solely on Cappadocia. I slept in a hotel/cave-complex in Goreme and it's unreal. Underground cities, twelve-century churches and tasty kebab. There must be some nice pics out there!