Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I've been thinking a lot about portraits lately.
Anybody out there feel like modeling?
Nothing too formal...well, actually formal might be kind of fun.

1. Charles Dickens (chillin') n.d.
2. "The hand of artist Georgia O'Keeffe holding one of her favorite stones in her palm." John Loengard - Albiquiu, NM - 1968
3. "Singer Barbra Streisand and others, Marlene Dietrich, Elsa Martinelli, wearing Chanel suits at Chanel fashion show." Bill Eppridge - Paris - 1966
4. "Film director Francois Truffaut (L) with actress Julie Christie (R) during filming of 'Fahrenheit 451.'" - Paul Schutzer - London - 1966
5. "Poet-Doctor William Carlos Williams sitting in his house." Lisa Larsen - US - 1954
6. "Glamorous full-length portrait of movie actress Hedy Lamarr wearing long gown superimposed (probably unintentionally) over portrait of her." Alfred Eisenstaedt - US - 1938
7. "Bebob king, Dizzy Gillespie, a Mohammedan, is bowing to Mecca from his Hollywood apartment." Allan Grant - Hollywood - 1948 (I think they meant "bebop" not "bebob")
8. "General Norstad'S Color Portrait" Howard Sochurek - n.d.
9. "Actress Sophia Loren sitting affectionately with sons Carlo & Edorardo Ponti." Alfred Eisenstaedt - Paris - 1976
10. "Actor Humphrey Bogart hitching up his pants as he walks along dock at the Newport Yacht Club." John Florea - Newport, CA - 1943
11. "Alice Neel, Artists at work" - Alfred Eisenstaedt - 1979

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