Thursday, March 26, 2009

New York City Random

Brooklyn Random

#1. A birdseye view of the Brooklyn section of New York City during the Spring season. - Ralph Morse, April 1949.
#2. Leonard Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library - Alfred Eisenstaedt, 1943.
#3. Fire escapes on apartment houses in slum section. - Joseph Scherschel, February 1958.
#4. Nude Sculpture Photographed At Brooklyn Museum - Andreas Feininger, n.d.

Manhattan Random

#1. Cree Indian folk-singer Buffy Sainte-Marie, while in New York. - Arthur Schatz, 1965.
#2. Russian Folk Dancers In N.Y. - Walter Sanders, n.d.
#3. Former German Luteran church is now thriving as a disco called Sanctuary Club. - John Dominis, 1969.
#4. Folk singer Woody Guthrie singing aboard a subway train. Eric Schaal, 1943.

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