Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gjon Mili?

"Hunter Weider Spring Fall"

"Hunter Choice Spring Fall"


I found these when I was searching for photos of Spring.
They're from the Life magazine archive and I think they are student work from the early 1970s.
They are credited to Gjon Mili who worked at Life for many years, but there is not much more information to go on.
Mili taught at my alma mater, Hunter College, and it looks like these photos were made for a class, or maybe two separate classes.
I picked a few that seem less college student-y than the rest.
And, come to think of it, I picked a few because they are obviously college student-y and I happen to like that.


kellyr said...

This is so good! That torso looks like yours. Please more college student-y posts!! I love that.

bs said...

Hey, let's leave my torso out of this!
I've got one more that didn't post for some reason.
I'll put it up soon.