Friday, January 2, 2009

Questionable Patches Of The 1970s

Kiss My Ass

I'm A Dirty Ol' Man

Tread On Yourself

Tarzan's A Swinger

Sailors Have More Fun

Mustache Rides Five Cents

Thanks For The Memory

Kiss Off Baby

I'm Horny

Down With Hot Pants

Group Sex

Do Yourself A Favor

Eat My Banana

I'm A Dirty Ol' Lady

Shoot The Bird

For Sale on Ebay.
Get 'em while they last.
I think my favorite is "Tread On Yourself"


Bree said...

Mine is "Mustache Rides 5 Cents". Are we just totally conservative compared to that generation or what?? Always seems like they had a lot of fun. Our parents peeps.

bs said...

Yeah, whenever I read books about the seventies it always seems like a nonstop party. I think there was a lot of weird moral backlash in the eighties. And a lot of fear based around AIDS and hard drugs.

Bree said...

I think you are right. And I wonder if we lost something through all that. Maybe just innocence I suppose...