Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Miami Art Fairs

Went to Miami for the art fairs and had a great time.
Got to stay in a beautiful hotel with a pool on the roof.
Did some late night swimming up there and did some daytime (sober) swimming in the ocean.
There were tons of jellyfish but managed to avoid getting stung.
Met a lot of great people and saw a lot of art.
It was the usual mix of good/bad/mediocre work.
Miami is kind of a weird town, but the convention atmosphere made it even weirder.
Artists, gallerists, and other interested parties all schmoozing and hawking their wares.
I kept picturing all of them as if they were at some other kind of convention, like an auto show.
I couldn't help wondering how different it would be if they were all buying and selling the latest lawnmower parts instead of art.
I'll post some photos when I finish going through them.
For now here are some photos of a convention from fifty years ago.

Pots And Pans In Atlantic City (Convention)
Alfred Eisenstaedt
From the Google/Life Magazine archive.

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