Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Joggers from the Life Magazine Archive

Basketball player Wilt Chamberlain jogging on beach w. dog; prob. California. 1970. Photo by Art Rickerby.

Co-author of "Human Sexual Response" Dr. William Masters. St. Louis, MO. 1966. Photo by Leonard McCombe.

Actor W. C. Fields jogging along with actress Maria Montez and his trainer Bob Howard. Hollywood, CA. 1941. Photo by Peter Stackpole.

Men jogging employees of Texas Instruments Co., during recreational program sponsored by the company. 1971. Photo by Bill Ray.

John E. du Pont, 28, scion of one of the world's largest fortunes & aspiring US Olympic pentathlete, crossing stream during 4-mile run in woods on his farm. Pennsylvania. August 1967. Photo by Paul Schutzer.

Boxer Joe Frazier training for a fight against Muhammad Ali. 1971. Photo by John Shearer.

French journalist and politician Jean-Jacques Servan Schreiber jogging near home. France. February 1968. Photo by Carlo Bavagnoli.

German scientist jogging. United States. November 1946. Photo by Thomas D. McAvoy.

American Motors President George W. Romney jogging. Michigan. 1962. Photo by Francis Miller.

Runners practicing in Central Park. New York, NY. June 20, 1961. Photo by Leonard McCombe.

Presidential candidate Bobby Kennedy and his dog, Freckles, running on an Oregon beach. June 1968. Photo by Bill Eppridge.

Astronaut Alan B. Shepard cooling off after jogging. April 1959. Photo by Ralph Morse.

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