Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Planet Part 1

By popular demand I'm going to edit this post and explain how I found these images.
Basically, I find a phrase that appeals to me in a book and I do an image search for that phrase.
Then I select images and assemble a post based on the interactions of the individual parts and the resulting whole. I have a loose set of rules that helps me decide what to get rid of and what to keep. It can be time consuming and I sometimes forget where I found the originals when I'm finally ready to post them. I've gone back and forth about giving credit because I want it to be sort of mysterious, but now I'm told that it's annoying to not list my sources. Not to mention unkind to the original poster (and possibly illegal under something called a "copyright law"). Of course I'm an artiste and I'm not caught up in your laws, but here is the simple truth:
I heard the phrase "new planet" somewhere so I did an image search for it. It may have been in the book I just finished, "The Beautiful Room Is Empty" by Edmund White, but I think it was actually a headline on my yahoo mail account. Anyway, I found a crazy picture called "new planet" and it came from this website: which is a website that sells toys for birds. If you have a pet bird, I recommend buying a toy from them. The toys come in many sizes and will provide your parrot, or macaw, or parakeet with hours of entertainment. Personally, I love the look of the Fun Time Birdy range of handmade toys because they look very much like contemporary sculpture. The pictures in New Planet Part 2 came from the same search but I used a different set of criteria to make decisions about those. I'll post links for those when I get a chance.


kellyr said...


Anonymous said...

Totally Awesome. I mean it. OH, man you are too good. I want a book by Brock Shorno straight a way!

David Michael said...


I love it!

Bree said...

That is really funny - I was just in a pet shop the other day and saw a bunch of those and thought the same thing - perfect contemporary sculpture. I wanted to buy one but then I didn't really know what I could possibly add to it. All you could do is stick it on the wall and try to pass it off as your own.

Maybe I will buy some just for decoration..

Thanks for your super blog by the way!

bs said...

thanks Bree!
I'd love to see these in person.
gotta make a trip to the pet store.