Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Birthday Present From Google

Today is my birthday.
This morning I read that Google had put about 20 percent of the Life magazine archive online for my searching pleasure.
Followers of this blog can imagine how happy this makes me.

Here are a few pictures.

"Three girls who will be competing in a swimming match sitting in a row boat w. two fully-dressed men and surrounded by others before the meet at Coney Island, Brooklyn". - Wallace G. Levison August 27, 1887

"Mr. Stokes, dressed in a suit w. a bowler and cane, jumping off a stone wall in a park in Ft. Greene, Brooklyn" - Wallace G. Levison October 14, 1886

Two of the very few celebrities I care about, Johnny Depp and Muhammad Ali.
Mr. Ali looks sharp in a suit while Mr. Depp wears a Discharge t-shirt with the sleeves torn off.

Here is Brooke Shields with Snoopy.

Here is Jamie Farr with Snoopy.

And here is a Walker Evans photo from 1960.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Little Guy!