Monday, June 23, 2008

Erstwhile Leather Bars of the West Village

The Anvil 500 West 14th Street

Badlands 388 West Street

Christopher's End 180 Christopher Street

Tool Box 507 West Street

The Ramrod 394 West Street


History of Gay Bars in New York City - lots of info on Mafia control of gay bars

Jeremiah's Vanishing New York - a post with before and after photos of West Village bars and clubs

NYC Not Kansas - interesting and well written personal history site

New York Magazine - article about the closing of Florent with a funny quote from John Waters

Colors of Leather
- Leather bar history website with photos, fliers, memorabilia etc.

Nothing Is New - amazing selections from the Colors of Leather archive of pins and badges

Pinakothek - Luc Sante's blog - "Low Life" is partly responsible for my interest in the past uses of buildings

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